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Cinecred is Free Software

Licensed under the GPLv3, everyone can use Cinecred free of charge forever. The source code is publicly available in a GitHub Repository. Contributions, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome! In case of questions, issues, or ideas, also don’t hestitate to send me an email.

Use Your Favorite Spreadsheet Editor

Cinecred can read the raw credits data from a Credits.xls(x) (Microsoft Excel), Credits.ods (OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc), or Credits.csv file, or even a Google Sheet. Edit it with your preferred spreadsheet tool, integrating perfectly with the rest of your production workflow. Need to add a credit or fix a typo later on? Just change the spreadsheet!

1 @Head @Body @Tail @Vertical Gap @Content Style @Spine Position @Page Style
3ADirc DirectorFilmCardCard
5Executive ProducersCallie CashCard
6Molly Money
10Director of PhotographyPeter PannerGutter
111st Assistant CameraPaul Puller
122nd Assistant CameraCharly Clapper
13Luke Loader
17RestaurantEmil EaterBullets
18Megan Muncher
19Dylan Delicious
23“Loremium Ipsumium”Written by CiceroSong-200
24Dedicated to Brutus
26“Hoppe hoppe Reiter”Written by an Unknown Lad200 Parallel
27in Ancient Germanic Times

Live Visualization

While editing the credits data and its styling, Cinecred continually updates an interactive visual preview and indicates any problems with the Credits file. Optional layout guides (press the red button in the screenshot) make both learning Cinecred and styling your credits dead easy.

Screenshot of the live visualization w/o layout guides Screenshot of the live visualization with layout guides

Interactive Styling

All the styling options Cinecred provides might seem overwhelming at first. But the interactive nature of Cinecred—including contextual input, live application of changes, and easy reverts—make it intuitive and fun to play around with different settings and thereby explore and learn Cinecred’s styling system. In addition, a comprehensive User Guide is readily available.

Screenshot of the styling UI

Get Started Immediately

Cinecred initializes new projects with a template that covers many common use cases. Start entering your credits straightaway and learn how to further customize them as you go.

Demonstration of quickly getting started with a locations block

Flexible Design

In addition to standard use cases, Cinecred’s flexible styling system enables a wide range of layouts and designs. Whatever you have in mind, Cinecred can likely assist you in implementing it.

Demonstration of flexible layout

Embed Media

Cinecred supports more than just text. Whether you want to insert a logo image, play a vanity card, or show a blooper video—Cinecred lets you do it.

Demonstration of embedded media

Your Desired Runtime

Have to add another name, but the score has already been recorded and synced to the earlier version? Just tell Cinecred the desired runtime of the whole credits or specific sections, and it will shrink vertical gaps to exactly match it—without resorting to shimmer-prone fractional scroll speeds. Test it yourself and press the red button in the screenshot!

Demonstration of runtime adjustment before the change Demonstration of runtime adjustment after the change

Play Back at Any Time

Want to watch your credits in motion to verify your latest changes? Just like your favorite editing suite, Cinecred offers instant real-time playback at any time. No need to wait for your credits to render out. Also supported are the JKL shuttle keys.

Screenshot of the video preview

Manifold Delivery Options

Does your post-production workflow require ProRes, PNG sequences, or even TIFFs which you animate yourself? Do you want to send around PDFs of the credits for checks? No matter what the need, Cinecred probably has you covered. Expand the red dropdown in the screenshot to see all supported formats.

Demonstration of all delivery options Demonstration of the delivery format dropdown

Cinecred Is Not Opinionated

Cinecred was specifically designed to cater to every user’s needs as fully as possible, without adding bloat, making it hard to use, or requiring a steep learning curve. If you miss some feature, let me know by submitting an issue on GitHub or sending an email to [click for e-mail address], and I’ll try my best to add support for your use case.

Sample Credits

Watch these credits to get a feel for the capabilities of Cinecred. The clip is taken from Etiology and has been sped up to 60fps so that it plays back without stutter on computer monitors.

Want to give Cinecred a try?

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