User Guide

Cinecred offers brief introductory hints upon the first launch. In addition, there is a subtitled screencast that concisely and clearly introduces the foundations of Cinecred.

However, both only scratch the surface. To really understand Cinecred and eventually dive deeper, this complimentary user guide can be used both as a learning resource and a comprehensive reference of all available features. To browse it, use the Navigation menu in the top left corner, or alternatively the following links. The first few articles are a must-read when starting out, especially if you didn’t watch the screencast.

  1. Project Folder
  2. User Interface
  3. Credits Spreadsheet
  4. Project Settings
  5. Page Styles
  6. Content Styles
    1. Grid Layout
    2. Flow Layout
    3. Paragraphs Layout
  7. Letter Styles
    1. Layers